Tom provides creative and industrial design solutions.

Now based in Paris, he trained at Central Saint Martins in London. His work seeks to create new rituals around objects, bringing design to global experience. He crafts his objects out of anything ranging from marble to aluminium, characterized by a visual balance between materials and process to shape them.

He has worked on projects for Arc’teryx, Rimowa, Alexander Mcqueen, Nike, Mathias Kiss and Pierre Yovanovitch mobiler among others.


9 rue eugène sue, 75018 Paris FR


Breath Artefact
The topic he is most involved in is a relaxation solution based on breathing exercises.

Tom has been developing Breath Artefact since 2019. It all started with a reflection on the waves emitted by our electronic devices. Learning that they have an impact on the quality of sleep allowed him to look for solutions to fall asleep without screens and discovered breathing exercises. The idea of breathing at any time of the day to relax attracts him.

The artefact is the medium that guides you through a breathing exercise. A texture that can be made of any material, wood, textile, stone... This surface transmits the information to breathe in and out when it is touched. The oval shape comes from the movement of the waves, a periodic undulatory movement. It echoes a breathing cycle. These artefacts can be adapted to various supports and contexts, from home objects to clothes and architecture.